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10th International Film and Photo Festival "Walking beneath the Sea"

Walking beneath the Sea
10th International Underwater Film & Photo Festival
We kindly invite you to the 10th International Underwater Film & Photo Festival »Walking beneath the Sea«.
1. 2. 2018 – 3. 2. 2018 
Cultural House of Slovenske Konjice

The 10th international festival of underwater film, photography, children´s drawings and music Walking beneath the sea has finally got its shape. Ten years ago, it started as a small part of wide scientific content at International symposium Diving AST in the broad field of free, sport and technical diving. However, today it represents an event where stories of exceptional people can be heard and seen in one place and as such deservedly bears the name Walking beneath the Sea, which is the fact we are particularly proud of.
The festival has found a form that is not related to the consumer society, therefore it is not supported by any advertising. With such approach, it has become unique, not only in Europe but also in World.
May the 10th festival again be a place where old friends will meet and where new friendships will be made.
Thursday and Friday, 1.2.2018 and 2.2.2018
Projections for primary and high schools, retirees, schoolchildren with adapted program and work protection centers
Projections will be held in the large hall of the Cultural House and at selected primary schools of twin cities and cities that are registered for the art competition, but due to the distance and costs of the festival, cannot attend in person.
Friday, 2.2.2018, at 17.30
Opening of the of the underwater photography exhibition and exhibition of children´s works of the International Art Competition Walking beneath the Sea with award ceremony for the finalists
-     Mimmo Roscigno (ITA): Into the Mirror
-     John Bantin (ENG): Shark Bites & Shark Bytes
-     Exhibition at the 100th anniversary of Szent Istvan´s sinking: SMS Szent Istvan 1918-2018
-     Finalists of the International Art  Competition Walking beneath the Sea from European Union and abroad
Concert by Marko Hatlak & KAPOBANDA
-     Marko Hatlak (accordion, vocal)
-     Goran Bojčevski (clarinet)
-     Miha Neglič (guitar)
-     Rok Hozjan (double bass)
-     Borut Mori (accordion, vocal)
-     Vito Bejat Krajnc (violin)

Saturday, 3.2.2018, from 14.00 to 22.00
14.00–16.00 Projections for outside
Projections of the films that will not compete in Grand Prix event
16.00–17.30 Lectures »Diving AST« (Diving AST - Talks)
16.00–16.15 SMS Szent Istvan expedition 2017
-     Dražen Gorićki (CRO)
16.20–16.35 Red Lake & the Extreme Dive
-     Florian Launette (FRA)
16.40–16.55 The Corsican Man
-     Francine Kreiss (FRA)
17.00–17.30 Shark Bites and Shark Bytes
-     John Bantin (ENG)
18.00–22.00 Grand prix night
-       James Morgan (ENG)
-       Francine Kreiss (FRA)
-       Ciril Mlinar CIC (SLO)
-       Andrej Voje (SLO)
-       Jim Gatacre (USA, via Skype)
The founder of the Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) will present us the film FREEDOM IN DEPTH which was made in 1984 together with Jean Michel Cousteau. This Dive Film Classic depicts typical California cold water diving. There are 18 HSA divers with disabilities in the film.

Projections of world production films that compete for the Grand Prix of 10th Walking beneath the sea:
-       Ciril Mlinar CIC: A HOT SPOT IN THE COLD DARKNESS (7:45)
Speleo film Festival Karlovac 2014: First prize
PAF Tachov 2015: Second prize
-       Jerome Espla: GENERATION GRAND BLEU (52:22) 
FMISM 2017: Prix Decouverte Science Reunion
International Underwater Film Festival Beograd 2017: 1st Place (pro category)
-       James Morgan: JAGO: THE LIFE UNDERWATER (45:00)
Winner of multiple awards, including the prestigious 
Grand Teton festival prize at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

-       Andrej Voje: RED SEA IMPRESSIONS (17:32)
International Underwater Film Festival Beograd 2017: 3rd Place (IC category)
Kindly invited!





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