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Diving Camp Kraljevica 2018

The diving camp in Kraljevica, which was held between April 27th and May 2nd, 2018 at the KPA ADRIA, set two new milestones in the world of diving – disabled people entered the world of underwater photography and apnea.
Camp participants from Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia have faced numerous tasks and activities. World famous underwater photographer Danijel Frka, a native of Kraljevica introduced us to the basics of underwater photography and video. He presented us the camera GoPro HERO 6 and the HUGYFOT case, the advantage of which is the 7-inch screen and aluminium handles, which allow us to achieve the neutral buoyancy of the body by pouring water into the interior of the handles. Ales is a tetraplegic, and also an excellent diver, first tested himself as an underwater photographer. As usual, we adhered to our basic rule and compiled a diving troika, that then prepared a detailed dive plan. The role of the diver assistant was taken over by Alenka Fidler and the role of a safety diver was taken over by our host by Danijel Frka, who was also a photo mentor of Ales. Ales, Danijel and Alenka laid the foundations of underwater photography for people with disabilities, a system that enables experienced divers with the physical impairment to use the camera and to choose the right motive by filming and photographing the underwater world.
Apnea instructor Saglara Mandzhieva informed the disabled participants about the basics of apnea and breathing exercises that can be also useful in our everyday life. Although the conditions for static apnea in the sea due to cold water and waves are not the most favorable, Peter, Lilja, and Ales have been delighted to attend the initial apnea course. Based on the presentation, all three decided to attend the initial course of apnea. In Kraljevica, we have outlined the basic guidelines in terms of the development of apnea for disabled people, the development will take place in three directions – for therapeutic, recreational and competitive purposes.
Ljilja used her stay in Kraljevica to continue her diving course. Instructor Branko and his assistant Maksim, they demanded maximum concentration and complete execution of exercises without any errors and hesitation. Ljilja used a completely new wet diving suit of our designer and sponsor ELIOS, tailor-made of premium neoprene, specifically for her. In spite of the cold water, she finally reached the goal, full control of the balancing and turning of the body. Divers, who are not disabled, usually do not have any problems in carrying out these exercises.
Maxim proved both theoretical and practical knowledge of the advanced category diver, so he traveled to Russia with a new dive category CMAS P2.
One of the highlights of our Diving Camp was also a visit to the Institute for Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine KBC Rijeka. The professional staff of the hospital informed us about the operation of the hyperbaric chamber and the procedures performed in the case of decompression sickness.
With this, the professional part of Diving Camp was completed. Daniel took us on an excursion with a club speedboat. For Ljilja, it was even the first motorboat ride, and Peter this time to assume the role of the captain. In the beginning, everything was fine until he hit a wooden board in the middle of the sea and frightened his passengers with a loud crack.
A colorful international group of people has also taken care of a varied international diet. The domestic raw and meat delicacies from the village of Zepce in BIH dried and smoked meat and stunning scented deer salami from the slopes of Pohorje, Russian desserts and marinated grilled meat in the Russian the manner was just a gourmet peak from all the beautiful moments that we experienced. Diving Camp will remain in our memory as something beautiful and unforgettable. Let it be repeated.

  • Saglara Mandzhieva in Maksim Kouzkhov from Russia,
  • Ljilja Sliskovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Ales Povse-Yoda, Peter Majcen-LG, Alenka Fidler and Branko Ravnak from Slovenia.
Acknowledgments to:
  • Danijel Frka for helping develop the foundations of underwater photography for people with disabilities,
  • Saglara Mandzhijeva for developing the foundation of apnea for disabled people,
  • Zeljko and other members of KPA Adria for patience and hospitality,
  • KBC Rijeka team to present to us the functioning of the hyperbaric chamber.
Photo: Danijel Frka, Saglara Mandzhieva, IAHD Adriatic
In media: HTV 1, More, 27. 5. 2018

2. 05. 2018




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