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You can find us on: www.cmas.org/general/federations/fededetails.asp?id=SLO/F01 www.cmas.org/photo_video_gallery.php ... more »
HRS Croatian Diving Federation
Croatian Diving Federation was established in 1992. The first activities started almost 50 years ago. In basic documents of HRS is written that it is legal successor of former Yugoslav Diving Federation which was one of the founders of CMAS in 1959.... more »
DiveSystem Via Vetturini, 22/24 zona industriale Valpiana Massa Marittima (GR) Grosseto58024, Tuscany www.divesystem.com... more »
Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports precision instruments for diving, mountaineering, training, hiking, skiing, sailing and golf. Prized for our intuitive design, accuracy and dependability, our sports instruments combine the aesthetics ... more »
For over 37 years A.P.Valves has led the way in diving - innovating, designing and manufacturing equipment of the highest quality. This was acknowledged recently when we were the only manufacturer in the world to have no less than three of our dive products ... more »
mb sub
mb sub Ingenieurgesellschaft für unterwassertechnik mbH Robert-Perthel-Str.29 50739 Köln www.mb-sub.com... more »
ELIOS Sub was set up in 1977 in response to the persistent requests of the proprietor’s friends and competition colleagues for a wetsuit like the ones he made for himself. So ELIOS Sub was established, and throughout its voyage to the present day ... more »
Lions klub Konjice
www.lions-konjice.si/  ... more »



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